About Us

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

1CUTFAB is a fast, trustworthy, and revered Waterjet & Laser Fabrication Shop. Our adept team manages projects with the utmost competence, ensuring unmitigated client satisfaction. We offer a range of solutions like Water Jet Cutting, Laser Cutting, CAD Design, 3D Printing, Shearing, and Welding. Our 6'8" x 13'3" OMAX Water Jet can cut almost any material. Our 6KW Fiber Laser Cutter is capable of fast production speeds and capable of cutting materials up to 1" thick. Our Mechanical Engineering background-equipped CAD Designer can aid in designing any part or assist with your existing design. Additionally, we offer a quick and cost-effective solution for part prototypes using 3D printing to guarantee fitment before the final design implementation. We have a team with years of fabrication experience that can assist you with anything you need. Reach out to us to satisfy your fabrication needs.

Our Story

1CUTFAB was founded in February 2021 by our owner, a mechanical engineering student who was already working full time as a lead design engineer for a fabrication shop. He saw the potential for more and began to research cutting methods, ultimately discovering the value of Waterjet Cutting. After connecting with OMAX, he placed an order for a Globalmax 2040 and 1CUTFAB was brought to life. Today, our company is a leading force in waterjet cutting, as we strive to improve our craft and provide top-notch service while maintaining affordability. Our team is constantly growing and we look forward to delivering the best to our clients. Thank you for considering 1CUTFAB.

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