Waterjet Cutting

1CUTFAB offers precision Waterjet cutting services using a state-of-the-art 6'8" x 13'3" GlobalMax 2040 WaterJet, able to cut almost any material with speed and quality. Our easy-to-use instant quoting software allows you to upload your files to our website and receive high-quality parts in record time. By utilizing waterjet cutting, we are able to cut difficult and thicker materials without the risk of deformation, rough edges, or work-hardened zones.

Why Choose 1CUTFAB for Waterjet Cutting?

1CUTFAB can deliver high-quality, affordably-priced waterjet parts with fast turnarounds. Here's what you can expect from our waterjet cutting service:

High Quality Cuts

Our Omax GlobalMax waterjet cuts materials precisely at a high tolerance, free from distortion. This technology achieves precision parts and complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce, making it a vital tool for your needs.

Waterjet Cuts Rotor
Waterjet Cutting Service

No Work Hardened Edges

Waterjet cutting results in clean parts without burn marks, cracks, or work-hardened edges, unlike alternative cutting methods that cause an affected zone by the heat of the cutting. The quality of the material finish is not altered by the cutting process when using waterjet technique.

Superior Edge Quality

Waterjet allows for superior edge quality through the use of sand, high-pressure water, and precise nozzle sizing. This method produces cleaner edges with minimal to no burrs, far surpassing other cutting approaches.

Superior Edge Quality
Waterjet Cutting Process

Wide Range of Materials

Our waterjet cutting process can effectively cut a diverse range of materials in varying sizes and thicknesses that may not be attainable through laser or plasma cutting methods. Moreover, our waterjet technology makes it possible to cut through materials like rubber, plastic, composites, glass, stone, and ceramic with great accuracy.

Waterjet Advantages Over Laser or Plasma cutting

Water Jet cutting boasts several advantages over other methods, such as plasma or laser cutting. It generates smooth edges, eliminating the need for additional work. Unlike its alternatives, waterjet cutting doesn't lead to burn marks, cracks, or work-hardening of materials. Plus, with waterjet cutting, thick materials can be cut no problem with greater precision.

Laser or Plasma Cutting
Waterjet Cutting Technology

Minimal Waste

1CUTFAB utilizes cutting-edge software to efficiently nest parts, minimizing waste and saving customers money.

Omax Globalmax 2040 Waterjet

Our WaterJet, a 6'8" x 13'3" GlobalMax 2040 at 1CUTFAB, cuts almost all materials. Capable of accommodating full-size sheets, it's perfect for saving time, material, and ultimately money! From 72" wide by over 144" long parts to up to 6" thickness, we've got you covered!

Omax Globalmax 2040 Waterjet

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