Laser Cutting

1CUTFAB offers precision Laser cutting services using a state-of-the-art 6000 Watt Fiber Laser Cutter with a bed size of 5'x10', able to cut Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass with speed and quality. Our easy-to-use instant quoting software allows you to upload your files to our website and receive high-quality parts in record time. By utilizing Laser Cutting, we are able to cut large productions runs at an affordable cost.

Why Choose 1CUTFAB for Laser Cutting?

1CUTFAB can deliver high-quality, affordably-priced Laser Cut parts with fast turnarounds. Here's what you can expect from our Laser cutting service:

High Quality Cuts

Our 6KW Fiber Laser cuts materials precisely at a high tolerance, free from distortion. This technology achieves precision parts and complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce, making it a vital tool for your needs.

Sheet Cutting
6-kilowatt power output

Fast Speeds

With a 6-kilowatt power output, it delivers blazingly fast cutting and engraving capabilities. This high power allows for rapid material processing across various thicknesses. Whether you're cutting thin sheets or thick metals, the Bodor 6kW P3 fiber laser ensures swift and efficient operations, making it a top choice for industries demanding quick production and superior performance.

Superior Edge Quality

Laser cutting is essential for ensuring clean, accurate cuts with minimal distortion or divergence along the edges of the material being processed. It is a critical aspect of high-precision laser cutting applications across various industries.

Spare Parts Design

Wide Range of Materials

Our Laser cutting process excels in processing metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and brass with exceptional precision and speed. Additionally, this powerful fiber laser system can efficiently etch names, part numbers or anything you want into your parts!

Laser Cutting Advantages Over Waterjet or Plasma cutting

Laser cutting offers unmatched precision, delivering fine, detailed cuts with minimal material waste. Laser cutting operates swiftly, thanks to high cutting speeds, enhancing productivity. It minimizes heat-affected zones, making it suitable for heat-sensitive materials. While each cutting method has its merits, laser cutting stands out for its precision, efficiency, and versatility in many applications.

Waterjet Cutting Service
Waterjet Cutting Technology

Minimal Waste

1CUTFAB utilizes cutting-edge software to efficiently nest parts, minimizing waste and saving customers money.

Bodor P3 6000W Fiber Laser

Our Laser cutter, a 5'x10' Bodor P3 6000W Fiber Laser at 1CUTFAB, Capable of accommodating full-size sheets, it's perfect for saving time, material, and ultimately money! We've got you covered...

Mild Steel up to 1" Thick

Stainless Steel up to 3/4" Thick

Aluminum up to 3/4" Thick

Brass up to 3/4" Thick

5'x10' Bodor P3 6000w Fiber Laser

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