CAD Design

At 1CUTFAB our CAD designer has a background in Mechanical Engineering and can design anything you need. Our designer uses 2D and 3D software to design your parts and can get you any renderings needed. 

Why Choose 1CUTFAB for CAD Design?

By using 1CUTFAB to design your parts you can expect high quality drawings, fast turnarounds, and more affordable designs than anywhere around. Here is what you can expect from our Design work:

3D Models

At 1CUTFAB we can make 3D models of any part you need to make them ready to be cut, machined, and produced. These 3D models can be used for proposals as well before going into production.

3d Models
3d Assemblies

3D Assemblies

Since we are able to create 3D models we can also turn those models into complete assemblies. We can create assemblies of as many parts you want that are fully functional. Our assemblies will allow you to ensure your parts will fit how you want as well as make sure they will not hit anything if there is tight clearances on your parts such as cycling the travel to make sure there is no interference.

Complete Drawings

At 1CUTFAB, we provide comprehensive part and assembly drawings to guarantee your design specifications are met. We offer custom-made drawings with the option for white labeling, exclusively for your company.

Cad Drawings
2d Models

2D Models

We can draw 2D models of your parts as well as reproduce any parts you currently have that need edited or fixed. These 2D models can then be nested to ensure you get little to no waste when waterjet cutting.

Reverse Engineering

At 1CUTFAB we can take any product or part you have and reverse engineer it to create a 3D or 2D design for it as well as make any changes to it that you may need done.

Reverse Engineering
3d Rotor

Design Process

Don't hesitate to send us a message if you need help with design ideas. We'll guide you through the whole creative process, providing open communication every step of the way. We can even help enhance your existing design to ensure it meets your requirements. We work with almost any file, so you can count on us.

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