Quality Cut Factors

Waterjet cutting typically ranges from Quality 1 to Quality 5. Quality 3 is your standard quality cut. Keep in mind price is higher or lower depending on the quality selected. With our instant quote software all parts are quoted at a quality 3 cut. If you would like a different quality quoted send us an email or give us a call and we can get you setup with a new quality quote that fits your needs.

Types of Quality Cuts

Edge Quality 1: Quality 1 is described as a "separation cut". It is a rough cut and the edge has pronounced lines, called striations. While Quality 1 does not produce a high quality edge, it will give you very fast cutting speeds and can be used for roughing out parts.

Edge Quality 2: Quality 2 is a medium rough cut. The striations are less noticeable than Quality 1 edge and cutting speed is a bit slower than quality 1.

Edge Quality 3: Quality 3 is a standard machining cut and is the cut we quote for our instant quoting software. The quality is good with striations on the bottom half of the cut. Quality 3 is a little slower than Quality 2 and is the most commonly used edge quality.

Edge Quality 4: Quality 4 is a high quality finish with minimal striation marks on the edge.

Edge Quality 5: Quality 5 is a very high quality finish. It is very precise and has no striations and will give you the tightest tolerances. Quality 5 produced the most accurate edge quality.

Waterjet Cutting Models

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