How Instant Quote Works

At 1CUTFAB we wanted to simplify the process of getting quotes to the customer faster. In order to do that we implemented a instant quote process on our website where you can upload your CAD files and get an instant price.

How instant quote works for Waterjet or Laser Cutting:

  1. Click on our instant quote button or page and select the desired service

  2. We recommend creating an account with us so you can keep track of all your orders and information​

  3. Make sure your cad file is clean and does not have any unnecessary lines, holes, or gaps that could cause issues when uploading. 

  4. Once account is created, upload your CAD file to our website, we accept DXF, DWG, PDF, and SVG files. Any other files you can send to our email and we can get you a quote manually.

  5. Once uploaded your file will be shown and a green check mark will display that the file has no errors. If file has errors please double check the file is clean and if you still have issues you can always send us a message and we will help you out.

  6. Once file is uploaded configure the material, thickness, post processing work needed as well as quantities. Keep in mind the higher the quantity the cheaper each part is since we offer discounts at 25,50,100,500,and 1000+. 

  7. Make sure you select whether the part was drawn in inches, mm, or cm as the file will be either to large or small if wrong one is selected and you will get inaccurate price if the wrong one is selected.

  8. Once your part is configured, select review order and make sure it is correct.

  9. Please select pickup local or select which shipping option you would like. 

  10. Once you submit your order we will review it and make sure it all looks good. If we see an issue we will contact you but if there is no issue we will confirm the order.​

  11. Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email asking for payment where you can see final price as well as any adjustments made to your order.

  12. Once your order is paid for we will begin production and keep you updated along the process.

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